Tips for vetting contract manufacturers from Fictiv CEO Dave Evans

Fictiv co-founder and CEO Dave Evans [Photo courtesy of Fictiv]

Good help is hard to find.

Fictiv co-founder and CEO Dave Evans has built a business around solving that challenge. San Francisco-based Fictiv finds and vets contract manufacturers to connect them with companies like medical device developers.

After closing a $100 million Series E funding round this spring, Evans spoke with Medical Design & Outsourcing to share some tips and tricks around vetting potential manufacturing partners.

MDO: What are the biggest things you look for?

Evans: You want to look at that manufacturing partner and say, ‘What are they really, really good at? What is their core expertise?’ Because what happens — especially in the medical contract manufacturing (CM) world — let’s say they start off and they’re really good with a certain type of PCBA or a certain chip set. From there t…

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