Pebax heat shrink tubing: Eliminating FEP reflow process saves time, streamlines supply chain, and benefits the environment

Robert Foley, PresidentAmna Rana, Technical Sales Manager

Designing a flexible catheter shaft used to involve a PTFE liner plus braiding plus multiple Pebax® layers. Now, a laser-cut hypotube and a single jacket of readily available Pebax heat shrink tubing can streamline the process.

Cobalt Polymers’ Pebax heat shrink tubing is a key component in the design of a new generation of flexible, low-profile interventional devices used for delivery and access in applications including neurovascular, cardiac, and peripheral vascular surgery.

Interventional device design today is trending away from braided shafts towards laser-cut hypotubes. Thanks to cutting technology advances that have ­­reduced cost, it’s now possible to create a thinner, higher-performance device at a cost comparable to traditional methods.

Pebax heat shrink tubing is playing a major role in this trend. This flexible, durable, thin-wall heat shrink tubing offers a unique …

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