Genentech’s clinical supply center rethinks biologics manufacturing

Genentech CSC building exterior, South San Francisco, California [Image courtesy of Genentech]

Genentech has opened a novel clinical supply center at its birthplace in South San Francisco.

The planning for the new $250 million center began in 2019 when Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, began earnest efforts to imagine what the future of biomanufacturing looks like.

“We were looking at where we are going in the industry,” said Jeff Davis, the executive director of the Clinical Supply Center (CSC). “And what does Genentech need? What are the trends across the industry?”

One of those trends is prioritizing personalized medicines focused on small patient groups. Genentech thus determined it needed to supplement its large-volume manufacturing with more agile facilities. It began planning the construction of a fast, agile facility that can produce distinct batches on differe…

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