Cleveland Clinic reports bionic arm breakthrough

[Photo courtesy of Cleveland Clinic]

Cleveland Clinic researchers say they’ve developed a bionic system that takes a big step toward restoring natural arm function for patients with upper limb amputations.

Upper-limb amputees often have to constantly watch their prosthetics while using them to make corrections in how much grasping force they use, but Cleveland Clinic said patients testing the new bionic arm system used it with less effort and an easier learning curve.

“Perhaps what we were most excited to learn was that they made judgments, decisions and calculated and corrected for their mistakes like a person without an amputation,” lead investigator Paul Marasco said in a news release. “With the new bionic limb, people behaved like they had a natural hand. Normally, these brain behaviors are very different between people with and without upper limb prosthetics.”

The bionic system combines a neu…

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Cleveland Clinic, Mount Sinai decide to not use aducanumab for the foreseeable future

The drama surrounding the Alzheimer’s drug Aduhelm (aducanumab) from Biogen (NSDQ:BIIB) continues with the Cleveland Clinic and Mount Sinai refusing to use it until more data are available. 

The company’s stock dropped 6.79% to $328.16. 

After FDA decided to conditionally approve the drug for Alzheimer’s disease, three members of an FDA advisory committee have resigned, and politicians and advocacy groups such as Public Citizen have asked for the resignations of senior FDA officials. FDA recently agreed to narrow the indication for the drug to focus on patients with milder forms of the disease. FDA itself has called for an independent review of its dealings with Biogen leading up to its approval of the drug. Some internal staff members at FDA have also expressed reservations about the approval, according to The Wall Street Journal. 

The Cleveland Clinic said its doctors can still prescribe aducanumab but that patients will need to receive the treatment a…

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