Curebase, Checkable Medical form joint clinical trial to assess at-home strep test kit

Curebase and Checkable Medical today announced a joint clinical trial that will assess the efficacy and accuracy of Checkable Medical’s at-home strep throat test kits.

The initial stage of the clinical trial will take place in four clinical regions and will include 100 participants who have a sore throat and will expand to as many as 2,000 participants throughout this strep season. Locations for these sites include North Dakota, South Carolina, New York and New Jersey, tentatively.

Participants who choose to opt-in to the clinical trial will be given a Checkable Medical at-home strep test kit with digital instructions, prior to having a standard of care test performed at a healthcare facility. The study will use clinical practices that typically see walk-in strep patients, including urgent care clinics and pediatrician offices.

Fargo, North Dakota-based Checkable Medical’s self-administered test kits have a mobile application that trains user…

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