AliveCor purchases CardioLabs

Personal ECG tech company AliveCor is acquiring CardioLabs and its monitoring and cardiac diagnostic services.

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed in yesterday’s news release.

“The acquisition of CardioLabs sets AliveCor on a course to becoming the premier provider of end-to-end cardiac diagnostic support,” AlilveCor CEO Priya Abani, said in the news release. “We are creating new opportunities for healthcare providers and patients through enhanced, reimbursed cardiac monitoring services and access to real-time data that helps inform clinical decision-making.”

AliveCor is now the manager of CardioLabs’ U.S.-based healthcare provider customers and plans to expand the service to new customers in the coming months.

Existing CardioLabs customers will keep their access to mobile cardiac telemetry, cardiac event monitoring, extended Holter and Holter monitoring. Longer-term, AliveCor will make its Kardia…

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