Click chemistry breakthroughs drive Shasqi and J&J cancer alliance

In June 2023, the click chemistry-focused startup Shasqi revealed a research pact with Johnson & Johnson Enterprise Innovation. More recently, the company announced that it had expanded the research alliance, furthering work on its intratumorally injected biopolymer, known as SQL70. The collaboration will also apply its clinically validated Click Activated Protodrugs Against Cancer (CAPAC) technology to the development of new cancer therapies through preclinical testing.

Inside the click chemistry Shasqi J&J alliance

Shasqi is working with an interventional oncology unit at J&J, which is aiming to take a holistic approach to cancer care that spans therapeutics and therapeutic approaches to meet unmet needs. “That completely matches with our view of the world,” said Dr. José M. Mejía Oneto, the founder and CEO of Shasqi.

The partnership with J&J will bolster research on Shasqi’s intratumorally injected biopolymer SQL70 but also support the …

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