How device founders can find a buyer for their medtech

Frank Jaskulke is Medical Alley’s VP of intelligence and the head of Medical Alley Starts. [Photo courtesy of Medical Alley]

If you’re a medtech entrepreneur looking to sell your medical device business, Frank Jaskulke is a great contact to have in your network.

He’s VP of intelligence at Medical Alley and the head of its Medical Alley Starts program, which offers resources and support for healthcare startups. His Minnesota-focused organization has worked with more than 360 medical device startups just in the first few months of this year.

Medical Design & Outsourcing recently spoke with Jaskulke about how medtech entrepreneurs can make friends before they need them on the path to an eventual sale of their business.

Know the market and work your network

Medical device entrepreneurs — and especially first-time entrepreneurs — often have a big blind spot while developing their …

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