A new dimension of manufacturing

With ACOPOS 6D, B&R heralds a new era of manufacturing. Shuttles carry individual products freely through the machine, powered by magnetic levitation. Gone are the days when conventional transport systems imposed rigidly defined timing on the production process. ACOPOS 6D enables economical small-batch production with frequent changeover between products of different designs and dimensions. ACOPOS 6D opens up entirely new possibilities. Machine builders can forget every preconception of what a machine looks like and open up entirely new markets with disruptive machine designs. The footprint of existing machines and lines can be reduced dramatically. ACOPOS 6D is based on the principle of magnetic levitation: Shuttles with integrated permanent magnets float over the surface of electromagnetic motor segments. The modular motor segments are 240 x 240 millimeters in size and can be arranged freely in any shape. A variety of shuttle sizes carry payloads of 0.6 to 14 k…

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