This imaging device could be a breast cancer treatment breakthrough

OncoRes Medical’s system may detect cancer cells on a microscopic scale during a lumpectomy, potentially averting the need for a second breast cancer surgery.

Combining optical coherence tomography imaging (OCT; left) with micro-elastography technologies, OncoRes’ quantitative micro-elastography (QME) imaging system provides real-time tumor assessment that helps surgeons more accurately identify and remove cancerous tissue. (Image courtesy of OncoRes Medical)

Having breast surgery to remove a cancerous lump is traumatic enough. Learning that you’ll need another operation to remove cancer cells that the surgeon couldn’t detect the first time only adds to the worry — and the cost.

Australian startup OncoRes Medical won FDA breakthrough device designation in October 2020 for its handheld imaging device designed to identify residual cancer cells in breast tissue after the surgeon has removed a tumor but before concluding the procedure. The idea is to enable surgeon…

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