How 4D Path and PathPresenter aim to further AI-enabled digital pathology for breast tumor profiling

The digital pathology software company PathPresenter (Montville, New Jersey) and the precision oncology platform firm 4D Path have entered into a partnership that could improve the diagnostic accuracy of breast tumor profiling.

PathPresenter has developed a digital workflow tool for clinicians, pathologists and pharma companies to aggregate medical data.

The platform can be used for medical education, patient care and management. In addition, pharma companies can use it to create models for drug development.

“For these workflow solutions to be effective, you need good AI models running in the background,” said Dr. Rajendra Singh, co-founder of PathPresenter. “And one of the best companies on the planet right now producing AI models is 4D Path.”

That observation ultimately led to the partnership between the two companies. “It was a natural fit to bring in their AI models into a workflow solution to provide a complete p…

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