7 brain-computer interface companies you need to know

[Image from Milad Fakurian on Unsplash] Blackrock Neurotech, BrainGate, ClearPoint Neuro, Neuralink, Synchron and more race to bring brain-computer interface (BCI) tech to market.

They’re using a multitude of methods —  and developing their own systems that would allow patients to control a computer with their brain.

Such technology could potentially enable countless immobile people someday to control a mouse cursor, keyboard, mobile device/tablet, wheelchair or prosthetic device by only thinking.

The FDA last year issued leapfrog guidance for nonclinical testing and study design related to implanted brain-computer interface (BCI) devices. Leapfrog guidance allows the agency to share its initial thoughts on emerging technologies that are early in development but appear likely to be of importance to public health.

Companies have faced a number of challenges as they try to bring brain-computer interface technology to the market, but they continue to …

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BrainGate donates brain-computer tech to Tufts

Tufts University and alumnus Jeff Stibel announced the donation of BrainGate and its patented brain-computer technology to the university.

BrainGate develops neurotechnology that uses micro-electrodes implanted in the brain to let humans operate external devices such as computers or robotic arms with just their thought, according to a news release. The company has received FDA investigational device exemption for human trials with the brain-computer interface (BCI) technology.

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