Monteris Medical raises $35M for its robotic brain surgery system

Monteris Medical recently raised $35 million as it continues to advance its minimally invasive robotic brain surgery system.

The NeuroBlate surgical robotics system for the brain. [Image courtesy of Monteris Medical]The Minnetonka, Minnesota–based company reported a $13.5 million raise in an SEC Form D filed on Sept. 15. But in an article published yesterday in the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, CFO Jim Erickson said the equity financing range was actually $35 million.

“The first half of this year was more challenging than the year before. It took longer than we would have hoped,” Erickson told the Star Tribune. He later added that the life sciences space is proving to be a durable investment space, even amid the present economic hurdles.

Monteris Medical is among a host of companies big and small that are seeking to innovate in a surgical robotics space that has long been dominated by Intuitive. [Intuitive CEO Gary Guthart will deliver a keynote …

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