Legacy Healthcare aims to upend alopecia areata treatment with a botanical drug

Cross sections of plant stem under microscope view [tonaquatic/Adobe Stock]

Imagine a world where botanical drugs could shape the future of medical treatment. Saad Harti, CEO of Swiss company Legacy Healthcare, doesn’t just imagine it; he’s on a mission to make it a reality. With an initial focus on alopecia areata in children and adolescents, Legacy Healthcare believes the plant extract Coacillium could be a blockbuster, given its promise as alopecia areata treatment.

As he put it, it’s all about the “unique assembly of the right plants.” Coacillium contains four: Allium cepa L. (onion), Citrus limon (L.) (lemon), Theobroma cacao (cocoa) and Paullinia cupana Kunth (guarana). The composition, which includes a variety of flavonoids, polyphenols and methylxanthines, has been linked with reversing immuno-inflammatory reactions in hair follicles and adjacent dermal tissues.

Hopes an…
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