Blue Spark’s TempTraq catches fevers faster. Fever prediction is next.

Blue Spark’s TempTraq continuous temperature monitoring patch could one day be used for fever prediction. The patch is 100mm long, 50mm wide, 3mm thick and weighs 5.1 grams. [Photo courtesy of Blue Spark Technologies]

Blue Spark Technologies developed the first wireless continuous temperature monitor patch, TempTraq, to enable faster fever detection than standard manual readings every four hours.

Westlake, Ohio-based Blue Spark is now looking at fever prediction rather than just detecting them.

The R&D team is working on developing an AI neural network model built on the company’s collection of continuous temperature data captured in the cloud, CEO John Gannon said in an interview.

“Taking our existing data, training an AI model to be able to understand and learn what fever profiles and onsets of fevers look like, and then apply that to new patients … we are working tow…

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