How AI and the cloud can transform R&D workflows and fuel collaboration

[Image courtesy of vectorfusionart/Adobe Stock]

The rise of cloud-based systems and AI-assisted analysis has dramatically transformed the landscape of scientific research and collaboration. One striking example is the mRNA company Moderna, which used the cloud to develop and deliver its first clinical batch of a COVID-19 vaccine candidate for phase 1 trials in a mere 42 days after the initial viral sequencing​.

While enabling real-time international collaboration, this new paradigm has also introduced novel challenges. Simon Adar, CEO of Code Ocean, found the struggles of cross-geographical R&D collaboration during his PhD work at Cornell University. While file-sharing systems provided some relief, they fell short when it came to coordinating code, data, software and troubleshooting across different geographies. “It wasn’t enough, because when you have code and data, you also need all the software depe…

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