BioNanoTech aims to usher in new frontier in protein purification

Startup BioNanoTech has developed a patented platform technology for purifying proteins/antibodies across size ranges.

In particular, the company has developed a new class of Immobilization Metal Affinity Chromatography (IMAC) nanoresins.

“We are building something new at a new scale, and something that can do chemistry and physics on a scale that is more closely to what the target molecules are,” said John Harrold, chief scientific officer at BioNanoTech.

Onyema Osuagwu

While IMAC has existed for more than four decades, the technology traditionally has not been able to capture a wide range of proteins. “This is problematic because these are the starting points for what will be coming later on biologic drugs,” BioNanoTech CEO Onyema Osuagwu said.

Traditional drawbacks of IMAC include metal-ion leaching, size-variant protein capacity and denaturation of some protei…

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