An executive’s journey from clinical trial manager to marketing director at Biomerica

The in vitro diagnostics company Biomerica has a diversified portfolio, including tests for lab, point-of-care and at-home settings. The company has a particular focus on addressing the treatment of gastrointestinal and inflammatory diseases.

We recently spoke with Hamburg, Germany–based Astrid Starke, Biomerica’s marketing director, to learn more about her experience in the life sciences industry. Starting off as a Ph.D. researcher at the University of Zurich, Stark has held positions related to organ transplantation, allergy diagnostics and laboratory diagnostics. In this interview, she discusses topics such as gender equity in the workplace, the importance of clear communication in the workplace and mentorship programs for women.

The responses have been lightly edited.

What are the main focus areas of Biomerica’s product portfolio?

Astrid Starke

Astrid Starke: Biomerica is a biomedical…

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