What is Human AB Serum?

By Trevor Smith, MS MBA, Product Manager, Immune Cells

Human AB Serum is a staple in the biological research field, providing nutrients, vitamins and necessary growth factors in cellular culture and reliable controls in in vitro diagnostics. To truly understand serum, it is important to learn about its different production and processing methods.

Starting material for Human AB Serum is collected from healthy male donors with an AB blood type. A single gendered pool is used to reduce variation in the final product. The AB blood type means that donors have both A and B antigens on their red blood cells and therefore lack blood group antibodies. This guarantees that the serum will not react with other blood types, further minimizing immunoreactivity for researchers. Typical lots of Human AB Serum are produced from 150-250 donors and pooled together, but custom batches with fewer donors are available. BioIVT can produce Human AB Serum lots of less than 10 i…

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