BioInteractions launches expanded medical product development partnership offering at MD&M West

NEWS RELEASE: BioInteractions launches expanded medical product development partnership offering at MD&M West

[Photo courtesy of BioInteractions]

Organizations planning to bring a medical device to market should consider the benefits teams gain by using a single high-end consultancy as they navigate the entire product development process.

BioInteractions, a leading U.K. biomaterial technology company, is launching its expanded Product Pathway Partnership service incorporating bespoke coatings, optimized application and tooling, testing, regulatory support and commercial production, at the world’s largest medical design and manufacturing event, MD&M West. The company, which is responsible for creating and developing the ground-breaking coating technology for medical devices TridAnt®, as well as the widely proven Astute® and Assist™ solutions, is announcing this new service aimed at advancing organ…

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BioInteractions launches antimicrobial coating

BioInteractions (Reading, U.K.) recently announced the launch of its TriDant antimicrobial coating.

TridAnt includes active and passive components. The result, according to BioInteractions, is a non-leaching coating that provides infection resistance to a surface and reduces biofilm formation — all without any toxic or eluting components. The coating targets a broad spectrum of bacteria, which significantly reduces the risk of infections.

“Our TridAnt solution offers a new way to combat infections more effectively, efficiently and for longer,” said Arjun Luthra, commercial director for BioInteractions.

“Based on over three decades of dedicated research and trials, TridAnt is fully compliant with current medical device regulations, has been independently tested to international standards (ISO, EN, PAS) and proven to provide monoclonal protection which kills a broad spectrum of gram-positive & gram-negative bacteria as well as enveloped &am…

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