Decoding the enigma of the commander complex: Employing AlphaFold2 to illuminate biological structures

The commander complex. [New image from Institute for Molecular Bioscience The University of Queensland]

Machine learning algorithms, such as Alphabet’s neural network-based model AlphaFold2, are steadily transforming medical research, shedding light on complex biological structures. A recent case in point involves research using the technology to explore the Commander complex, a 16-protein complex crucial for cellular protein transport processes. This complex is not only vital for normal cellular function, but it’s also associated with several diseases, making it a potential target for novel therapies. Scientists at the Universities of Bristol and Queensland (Australia) and the Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, collaborated on the research.

The renowned journal Cell published the study, titled “Structure of the endosomal Commander complex linked to Ritscher-Schinzel syn…

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