Can virtual training ever really compete with live training?

By Frank Sculli, CEO at BioDigital

Will telehealth visits plummet once the pandemic is fully behind us? Will industry conferences be as well attended as they were before COVID-19 changed the game? Will HCP face-to-face engagement be what it once was?

While there is still a lot of uncertainty about how our post-pandemic return to normalcy will look, we can count on one thing: virtual training is here to stay. Virtual learning has often been viewed as less effective than live training, but when done right, studies show it can be even more valuable. Here are four ways to build a virtual training program that matches the traditional live classroom experience:

Replicate real life. This might sound obvious but think about it for a moment. When medical device sales trainees complete their training, what awaits them? People in a 3D world requiring interaction and engagement— not static images and Powerpoint based lectures. Effective training means …
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