Connectivity is critical as the need grows for patient monitoring

Patient monitoring device connectors will need to be more compact, more durable, and handle higher data rates.

By Rick Lopez, Paul Pulkowski and Jana Wagner, binder

By 2050,  the number of people who will be age 60 or older is expected to double to 2 billion worldwide. During the same period, the number of persons aged 80 and older is predicted to triple to about 430 million.

This demographic shift is already creating higher demand for a wide range of medical equipment and services. The growing number of chronically ill patients in Western society will further increase the need for medical technology in the coming decades. An alarming 70% of deaths worldwide are caused by noncommunicable diseases such as heart failure, diabetes, and cancer. Because these are chronic conditions, patients and healthcare providers regularly monitor changes in indicators such as glucose levels and blood pressure.

Patient monitoring refers to observing, tracking, and analyzin…

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