What’s in store for cell and gene therapy in 2023

[Credit: National Human Genome Research Institute]

The complexity and diversity of cell and gene therapies and treatments still restrains the industry’s ability to identify and deliver the proper treatment and a positive patient experience. In 2023, I expect we will see a considerable increase in critical data gathering and machine learning analysis that will lead to substantive improvements. This use of machine learning requires a continual commitment to invest in technology as it develops to ensure the required infrastructure is in place to achieve the most significant advances. And, while the infrastructure required to optimize machine learning fully is still in development, we will begin to realize its impact on drug discovery and development and on our ability to deliver personalized medicine this year.

Such leaps forward in the cell and gene therapy industry requires a growing emphasis on innovation. And t…

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Be The Match BioTherapies expands fully characterized cord blood unit offerings 

Be The Match BioTherapies now offers cryopreserved cord blood units (CBU) as allogeneic cell therapy starting material.

Potential applications of the CBUs include non-clinical, clinical and commercial use.

The company’s registry has more than 266,000 fully-characterized CBUs from domestic cord blood banks.

Be The Patch offers comprehensive characterization information about CBUs to identify therapy-matched units.

Donna Regan, senior director, customer Ready Products at NMDP/Be The Match, said in a news release that the company ensures that the CBUs conform to specific temperature and time guidelines.

The company touts its ability to serve as a single point of contact for CBUs, eliminating the need to qualify and contract with multiple cord blood banks across the country.

Be The Match BioTherapies’ registry includes more than 9 million potential blood stem cell donors in the U.S. Additionally, the company has access to as …

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Lessons in life or death logistics

Cell therapy image from Wikimedia Commons

The cell and gene therapy market continues to advance, thanks to its promise to treat cancers and other severe diseases. While the pandemic has had a negative impact on companies specializing in cell and gene therapies, it has also catalyzed interest in cold-chain logistics while also highlighting the promise of new therapy types.

Organizations interested in expanding their focus on cell and gene therapies can learn from best practices from organizations specializing in high-stake logistics.

Push for standards and collaboration

The initial focus on transporting mRNA vaccines at below-normal temperatures “highlighted the need for some sort of standardization,” said ​​Ray Hornung, senior manager, logistics and emergency preparedness at Be The Match BioTherapies (Minneapolis).

Ray Hornung

While t…

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