Levita Magnetics takes its MARS robotic surgery platform international

The Levita Magnetics MARS (magnetic-assisted robotic surgery) system uses magnetic forces to control a grasper instrument inside a patient. [Image courtesy of Levita Magnetics]Levita Magnetics today announced the international launch of its MARS (magnetic-assisted robotic surgery) system with its placement at Hospital Luis Tisne in Santiago, Chile.

Dr. Julio Jimenez used the system to perform same-day-discharge cholecystectomies (gallbladder removal) and bariatric surgeries.

Jiminez previously helped Levita Magnetics with its clinical trials, said Levita Magnetics founder, CEO and President Dr. Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro.

Rodriguez-Navarro is a minimally invasive surgeon from Chile who worked in the public system for nearly 10 years before halting his clinical practice and moving to the U.S. to develop the magnetic technology.

“Returning to my home and bringing something new, something better, it’s really kind of an emotional moment,”…

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Intuitive leaders weigh in on GLP-1 drugs and surgical robotics procedures

Intuitive Surgical Chief Medical Officer Dr. Myriam Curet [Photo courtesy of Intuitive Surgical]Intuitive Surgical (Nasdaq: ISRG) + executives say they see benefits to their business from GLP-1 weight loss drugs, even if investors aren’t quite so sure.

Intuitive’s stock slid in after-hours trading today after the company posted Q3 results that exceeded analysts’ expectations on profits but fell short on sales. Even if they had beat The Street on both counts, it’s not clear investors would have reacted any differently — just look at what happened to Intuitive’s stock price under that exact scenario after Q2.

In Q2, the company said bariatric procedure growth slowed due to patient interest in weight loss drugs.

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“Bariatric procedures represent between four and 5% of total global procedures,R…

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