Think Surgical enters into multiple surgical robot collaborations

Think Surgical announced two new collaborations surrounding surgical robotics and implants for total knee arthroplasty (TKA).

The company inked new collaborations with Maxx Orthopedics and b-ONE Ortho Corp. over the past two days. These deals come just days after the company announced a partnership with Waldemar Link on the same front.

First, in collaboration with Maxx, Think Surgical plans to add Maxx’s implants to its TMINI miniature surgical robotic system. The deal brings the Freedom knee system for total knee arthroplasty to Think Surgical’s ID-HUB. ID-HUB serves as a proprietary database of implant modules for use with TMINI. The database already includes five implant systems from other manufacturers, including the one added from Link this week.

Think also added b-ONE implants, including the Mobio total knee system.

TMINI received FDA clearance in May 2023. It features a wireless, robotic handpiece that assists surgeons in perfor…

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