Awak raises $20M Series B for wearable dialysis device

[Image courtesy of Awak Technologies]Awak Technologies announced today that it raised $20 million in Series B funding to support its dialysis technology.

The Singapore-based company designed Awak PD as a wearable and ultraportable peritoneal dialysis (PD) system. It offers patients the freedom to undergo dialysis at home and anywhere on the go. It helps to overcome the challenge of long hours of stationary therapy and connection to large dialysis machines in hospitals and clinics.

Awak designed its technologies to regenerate and reconstitute waste dialysis fluid into fresh, usable fluid. This reduces the amount of dialysis fluid needed by up to 90%. Additionally, the company enabled the miniaturization of the dialysis machine to fit inside a small-carry bag. It reduces the burden of therapy and increases quality of life by providing convenience and time to patients.

The round — the largest medtech fundraising event in Singapore this year — featured particip…

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