Festo develops a new flexible pipetting solution

NEWS RELEASE: Festo Develops a New Flexible Pipetting Solution

[Photo courtesy of Festo]

This new solution is capable of pipette dispenses from 20 microliters up to 20 milliliters.

ISLANDIA, NY, January 31, 2024 — Festo is now showing customers and prospects several new life science automation innovations including the company’s wide-range flexible pipetting. Each of the new and customizable solutions combines Festo components into dynamic subsystems. Festo collaborates with OEMs and integrators to bring proven commercial technologies to labs around the globe.

“LifeTech is the fastest growing segment within Festo,” said Sam Stoney, LifeTech Industry Segment Manager. “We believe the reason for exceptional growth is that our product portfolio in high-speed sample and media handling is second to none, as is our Boston-based application engineering team. Festo supports its products globally and reduces risk …

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Investments in AI and ML help PV teams transform safety case processing

[NicoElNino/Adobe Stock]

Thanks to automation in pharmacovigilance, the next generation of safety is here — and with it, there is an immense opportunity for firms that can change how they work and maximize the opportunity automation creates.

Leading safety teams are seeing up to 80% efficiency gains on key workflows by investing in touchless case processing, automating pharmacovigilance processes across intake and assessment, review, full data entry, medical review, quality review and submission.

A new opportunity in AI and ML

The life sciences industry is rapidly growing in scale and complexity, with organizations generating increasingly large volumes of safety data. The pharmaceutical industry, healthcare providers and consumers have reported more than 18.6 million adverse events to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the last 10 years, 216% more than the prior 10 years.

Safety case da…

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Formlabs launches mass production tool for automated 3D printer fleets

Formlabs said its Automation Ecosystem offers increased 3D printing output and reduced per-part costs without adding operational complexity. [Image courtesy of Formlabs]

Formlabs introduced its Automation Ecosystem this week, allowing manufacturers to easily expand from a single 3D printer to a scalable fleet.

Formlabs said its new offering provides a three-time increase in productivity 80% labor savings, per-part-cost savings of 40% and packaging waste reduction of up to 96%. Users can send multiple prints for continuous runs overnight and into the weekend.

The Formlabs Automation Ecosystem includes:

Form Auto, which Formlabs said enables automated 24/7 printing with automatic part removal so users can level up production and reduce labor. When parts are complete, Form Auto removes finished parts and starts the next print in the queue. The hardware extension works with Form 3 and Form 3+ 3D printer…
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Digital transformation will give scientists their time back and speed the development pipeline

Image courtesy of IDBS

The pandemic exposed the innovation divide between the digitally transformed and those that lagged. Strict regulation made life sciences and bio/pharma organizations hesitant to modernize too quickly away from proven legacy methods and technologies, resulting in varying levels of digital transformation. But since the pandemic, organizations now recognize the necessity of digitalization and smart automation to accelerate research and drug development.

Freeing up and transforming researchers’ time

Companies that haven’t embraced the digital revolution, including digital (process) automation, tend to burden scientists with repetitive, manual work — like pipetting and recordkeeping. Digitally automated systems perform such tasks in more digitalized companies. Companies embracing future-facing technologies are investing in automation and digitalization, allowing for virtual remote access to…

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