Inside Amgen’s ATOMIC strategy to use ML to accelerate clinical trials

[Image credit: Amgen]

Amgen has developed a machine learning platform to slash clinical trial times through smarter site selection. Known as ATOMIC, short for Analytical Trial Optimization Module, the system crunches disparate datasets to predict optimal trial locations, expedite enrollment and trial processes. Early results indicate more than a two times increase in enrollment speed at ATOMIC sites.

ML-powered clinical trial oracle could compress clinical trial cycle time

“With the massive amounts of data we’re pulling from various sources, we anticipate that by 2030, we’ll be able to shave about two years off the development times for our drugs,” said Sheryl Jacobs, vice president, global Development operations at Amgen​. For now, the company is steadily ramping up the number of trials using the ATOMIC process. “Within the next year or two, we expect the majority of our trials will be using the AI …

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