Cerenovus President Mark Dickinson on the future of stroke care

Cerenovus President Mark Dickinson forecasts the innovative technologies that will advance stroke care in the coming years.

Cerenovus Worldwide President Mark Dickinson [Photo courtesy of Johnson & Johnson MedTech]

It’s getting harder to beat aspiration systems for fast and simple thrombectomies to remove blood clots that are blocking oxygen from a stroke patient’s brain.

That’s according to Cerenovus Worldwide President Mark Dickinson, who discussed the future of stroke care in an interview with Medical Design & Outsourcing.

“It’s a very simple concept that the larger the tube you can get to face the blood clot, the more likely you’re going to be able to evacuate that clot just through suction,” he said. “And advances in technology have enabled us — and, candidly, others in the marketplace — to be able to design these larger bore, larger sized devi…

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