Siemens Healthineers’ Varian acquires oncology solutions company Aspekt Solutions

Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, announced today that it acquired oncology solutions provider Aspekt Solutions.

Aspekt Solutions provides medical physics, dosimetry and strategy consultation services. The acquisition aims to expand Varian’s advanced oncology solutions (AOS) offerings. Palo Alto, California-based Varian wants to increase the ability to address the rising demand for customized services and standardized care.

Varian provides support for every step of the chance care journey, from screening to survivorship. Its offerings include imaging and radiation therapy, plus software and services and interventional radiology.

Through AOS, Varian offers tailored engagements harnessing technology and combining it with professional support. These support teams collaborate with cancer centers to realize their unique goals. The company says it helps them expand, upgrade or standardize operations while implementing global best practices in cance…

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