Telix Pharmaceuticals to buy ARTMS and its isotope production platform

Telix Pharmaceuticals announced that it agreed to acquire radioisotope production technology firm ARTMS Inc.

ARTMS also brings with it an advanced cyclotron-based isotope production platform and manufacturing plant. It has a stockpile of ultra-pure rare metals required for consumable target production, too, according to a news release. The company specializes in the physics, chemistry and materials science of cyclotron-produced radionuclides. It spun out from TRIUMF, Canada’s particle accelerator center.

Telix expects the acquisition to further enhance the vertical integration of its supply chain and manufacturing. It expects to gain a greater level of control and security over each of its diagnostic isotopes.

The company said the reasons for the acquisition stem from four key areas of commercial synergy. First, it supports the rollout of the company’s Zircaix kidney cancer imaging offering. Telix also said it …

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