An overview of the RSV vaccine landscape: What comes after GSK’s approval of Arexvy?

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GSK (NYSE:GSK) has secured FDA approval for its respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine Arexvy, marking a significant milestone in the RSV vaccine landscape. RSV is common and usually results in mild infections, but can be dangerous in the immunocompromised as well as in younger and older populations.

The GSK vaccine targets adults aged 60 and older. In clinical studies, the single-dose vaccine demonstrated strong efficacy in preventing lower-respiratory tract infections and more severe diseases. In a phase 3 study published in NEJM with a median follow-up of 6.7 months, the vaccine efficacy against RT-PCR-confirmed RSV-related lower respiratory tract disease was 82.6%.

Efficacy against severe RSV-related lower respiratory tract disease was higher at 94.1% while efficacy against RSV-related acute respiratory infection was 71.7%. The most commonly reported side effects of Arexv…

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