SandboxAQ, bearing Alphabet’s DNA, eyes quantum-inspired breakthroughs in drug discovery

[Sakkmesterke/Adobe Stock]

Emerging as a spinoff from Alphabet’s experimental division X, SandboxAQ recently pulled back the curtain on its latest endeavor — the biopharma molecular simulation division AQBioSim. Attracting investments from significant figures like former Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt, who is now the chair of Sandbox AQ, and Inc. founder Marc Benioff’s Time Ventures investment fund. Other backers include T. Rowe Price, Guggenheim Partners and Breyer Capital.

Now, AQBioSim aims to streamline the research and development process with quantum-inspired computing, potentially contributing to the development of treatments for critical diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. The company says its technology could shave years off the discovery process.

Earlier this year, SandboxAQ, raised $500 million in funding, aiming to equip businesses with the neces…

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