Applied Motion Products launches M5 servo series

NEWS RELEASE: M5 Servo Series: Power, Precision, and Cost-Efficiency Converge for High-Performance Servo Motors and Drives

The Applied Motion Products M5 servo series [Photo courtesy of Applied Motion Products]

Morgan Hill, CA – Applied Motion Products introduces the M5 Servo Series – where power, precision, and cost-efficiency converge. The M5 Servo Series is engineered for high machine performance, exceptional torque output, and precise control. This series is optimized for cost-efficiency, ensuring peak capabilities without compromising performance.

M5 servo drives implement accurate motor control algorithms. When paired with our M5 motors’ high-resolution encoders, they result in smooth and precise motion control. It supports fast motion profiles, automatic error compensation, and troubleshooting aids to achieve high system throughput and minimize downtime.

“The M5 series servo motors and drives with…

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