Schott Minifab has a deal to buy Applied Microarrays Inc.

[Photo courtesy of Schott Minifab]

Schott subsidiary Schott Minifab on Tuesday said it has negotiated the purchase of Applied Microarrays Inc. (AMI)

Australia-based Schott Minifab, which develops and manufactures microfluidic devices for point-of-care and life sciences consumables, has worked with AMI to develop biotech substrates for diagnostics applications.

The deal, expected to close in early October, expands Schott Minifab’s biosensor printing capabilities as demand grows for point-of-care microarray consumables for applications such as infectious disease testing. Tempe, Arizona-based AMI will soon move to a larger facility in the Phoenix area.

“We pride ourselves on being an end-to-end partner for the global diagnostics industry,” said Greg Wolters, head of Schott Minifab, in a news release. “Our expansive offering allows us to provide an integrated single-source collection of value-intensiv…

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