Ananya Health wants to bring battery-powered cryoablation to the global fight against cancer

Anu Parvatiyar, cofounder of Ananya Health [Image courtesy of Ananya Health]

Cervical cancer is the fourth most common cancer among women and has a high mortality rate globally, according to the World Health Organization. Screening and effective interventions can reduce cervical cancer deaths, but that access is limited in emerging markets and developing countries.

Ananya Health, co-founded by Anu Parvatiyar, is at the forefront of tackling this global health disparity. The company is developing a cryoablation device that can freeze abnormal cells in the cervix at the point of care, all on a battery-powered system designed to bridge the accessibility gap in regions that typically lack these resources.

Typically, when a Pap smear comes back as abnormal in places like the U.S., doctors refer patients to a specialist at a hospital or larger specialty clinic with the tools and operating space to treat the le…

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