Medtech vet Sean Gilligan’s tips and red flags for vetting suppliers

AVS Chief Operating Officer Sean Gilligan [Photo courtesy of AVS]

After a career spanning almost three decades at Boston Scientific, Sean Gilligan’s new role at a startup has him working more closely with contract manufacturers and suppliers.

Gilligan is the chief operating officer at Amplitude Vascular Systems (AVS), which is developing a new intravascular lithotripsy system for treating severely calcified arterial disease.

He joined the Boston-based startup in March 2023 after a 29-year career at Boston Scientific. He started in 1994 as an engineer in Ireland and moved his way up to VP of program management and R&D, leading the portfolio for a large part of the interventional cardiovascular business.

“I had my fingers on a lot of different areas. I wasn’t in the weeds dealing with too many suppliers — we had a whole supplier engineering group [of] experts who had expert rel…

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