AmpleLogic embraces low-code approach to help pharma companies digitally transform 

Many pharmaceutical companies have recently ramped up their focus on digital transformation. But in the highly regulated pharma industry, digital transformation programs can be slow and expensive.

Hyderabad, India–based AmpleLogic works with pharma companies to launch and scale digital transformation initiatives via its low-code platform, which can standardize and accelerate innovation in the industry, according to Manne Venkanna Chowdary, CEO of the company.

Many large Big Pharma companies are “marching toward digitalization and digitally transforming their business,” Chowdary said. Conversely, a significant portion of small- to medium-sized companies is still deploying automation technology.

The digital transformation process is gradual. “Once you have automation in place, you don’t jump into digital transformation,” Chowdary said. “You try to create a bridge between your automation and digital transformation by tryi…

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