Ocutrx debuts AR-assisted surgery system

(Image from Ocutrx Vision Technologies)

Startup Ocutrx Vision Technologies (Irvine, Calif.) announced today that it is launching a new technology for surgery visualization.

The OR-Bot Surgery Visualization Theatre includes the ORLenz augmented reality (AR) surgery headset with three visualization options, depending on the surgeon’s preference:

A surgery view with augmented virtual patient and operating tool information. The choice of using an autostereoscopic “3D glasses-free” 3D 8K display monitor positioned directly in front of the surgeon. Viewing the surgery through a microscope-like VR viewing station positioned on one of the OR-Bot’s robotic arms.

Each surgery visualization choice provides a 4K resolution, according to Ocutrx. The OR-Bot’s arms are both human- and robotically controlled so doctors will be able to move the device’s gravity-compensated 6-axis arms with a slight touch while using…

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