Eversana’s AWS alliance aims to cut red tape in pharma regulatory paperwork

In July, the life sciences services company Eversana revealed it was partnering with AWS to tap generative AI (gen AI) for pharma and other life science customers. It aimed to “pharmatize” gen AI, as the company put it then. Now, the company has revealed the first technology from that partnership – a regulatory review automation system using natural language processing and gen AI services on the AWS platform.

To arrive at its first area of focus, the company considered use cases that were “really practical,” offering “great opportunities for efficiency gains,” but without high risk to patients or healthcare professionals, said Scott Snyder, Eversana’s chief digital officer. The company used a version of the three R’s — responsibility, reliability and ROI. The first chiefly involves “making sure you really understand this is something you’re going to take ownership of, be accountable for, and do it in the right way,” Snyder said. Eversana …

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