Allegheny Performance Plastics enters the medtech market

NEWS RELEASE: Allegheny Launches into Healthcare Sector

Leetsdale, Pennsylvania, March 2024: To meet the growing needs of the healthcare industry, Allegheny Performance Plastics is proud to announce the addition of clean and white room environments, including a dedicated automated work cell to be completed later this year. The healthcare industry, with services spanning preventative care, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation and support, encompasses many applications that are a natural fit for injection molding high-performance materials. The unique customer experience delivered by Allegheny guarantees the precision, reliability, and performance required for medical applications. Learn more about our five-step manufacturing process by visiting the website here.

“Our technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities have proven valuable in the healthcare industry,” said Rob Stutzman, Allegheny Chief Executive Officer. “Our entire team is excited to meet the challenges …
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