What is the difference between two-part and three-part syringes?

Syringes remain an integral part of the medical industry, yet they are often an afterthought in the R&D or production phase.

William Foley, Air-Tite Products

[Image courtesy of Air-Tite Products]

With the wide variety of options available on the market containing fundamental differences in design and composition, can the syringe selection affect the end-product?

Occasionally a researcher or engineer may have difficulty identifying the source of various contaminates in their process.  Sometimes the source is either the rubber or silicone oil found in common three-part syringes. If that becomes apparent in your process, there may yet remain another low-cost option by way of a two-part syringe. Two-part syringes are slightly different because they do not use a rubber tip on the plunger to create a vacuum seal.  Instead, these syringes have been specifically designed to not introduce additional materials…

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