Why clinicians are the critical link for AI in transforming oncology care

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In the third episode of AI Meets Life Sci, Ben Newton, General Manager of Oncology at GE Healthcare, offered a succinct definition of artificial intelligence that harkens back to the original conception from the 1950s, when researchers gathered at Dartmouth College to lay the groundwork for the field. “AI for me is the simulation of human intelligence by machines, essentially, or computer systems,” Newton said.

Harnessing the power of machine intelligence is increasingly a priority owing to the surging volumes of data in the field. Contributing to the trend are advances in radiological imaging, genomics as well as the continued evolution of electronic health records and personalized medicine. The healthcare industry is emerging as one of the biggest producers of data with RBC Capital Markets estimating that the sector now produces roughly 30% of the world’s data volume. RBC projects that the compou…

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