What to expect from AI-enabled drug discovery in 2023

[AI image courtesy of Pixabay]

Pharma and biotech companies are scratching the surface when deploying artificial intelligence to streamline drug discovery and development. But the AI-enabled drug discovery sector is maturing, according to Chris Gibson, co-founder and CEO of Recursion Pharmaceuticals.

More AI validation is coming in 2023

Competition is helping drive the field of AI-enabled drug discovery forward. “Over the last five years, the number of AI-native biotech companies has exploded,” Gibson said. While hundreds of companies claim to use AI to find better drugs, many exaggerate their capabilities. “But the sector is maturing, and credibility demands validation,” Gibson said. “In 2023, we’ll see more clinical trial readouts and pre-clinical studies of AI-discovered drugs that will set the bar for what it takes to be taken seriously as leaders in this space.”

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