NVIDIA exec on how ‘NIMs’ can help biopharma navigate the challenges of deploying generative AI

[Image courtesy of Nvidia]

The buzz surrounding generative AI may be undeniable, but its real-world impact on heavily-regulated sectors like drug discovery continues to evolve. Consequently, most drug candidates, circa 90%, continue to fail. Kimberly Powell, vice president of Healthcare at NVIDIA, believes that a new microservices-based offering known as NIMs (NVIDIA Inference Microservices) could help pharma firms navigate this maze. “NIMs were built for the healthcare space, which has very private data,” Powell explained. Healthcare companies, including drug developers, “don’t always want to go to a cloud service. They want to do it in their own environment. We want to give them that capability,” she added.

To date, NVIDIA is offering about two dozen new healthcare microservices with more to follow.

NIMs intend to help scale AI deployment across infrastructures

NIMs, which …

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