Aerotech launches new XA4 single- and multi-axis servo drives

NEWS RELEASE: Premier Precision Motion Control for Less

Aerotech launches compact, economical single-and multi-axis servo drives.

The Aerotech XA4 family of servo drives [Image courtesy of Aerotech]

PITTSBURGH, January 16, 2024 – Aerotech Inc., a global leader in precision motion control and automation, today introduced the new Automation1 XA4 and iXA4 PWM servo drives. These streamlined, economical single- and multi-axis panel-mounted servo motor drives include a full motion controller and I/O expansion options. Future options will include a four-axis version, I/O expansion and DC motor supply.

“The new Automation1 XA4 servo drive series is a game-changer in motion control,” said Daniel Hong, controls product manager at Aerotech. “These powerful, compact drives open up new possibilities for machine builders and automation solution providers. With options ranging from one to four axes, the XA4 and iXA4 r…

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Five ways high-precision laser processing is unmatched in vascular device manufacturing

Achieve unprecedented part reproducibility for peripheral, structural, neurovascular and cardiovascular innovations with high-precision laser processing.

Precision laser cutting of a cardiovascular implant [Photo courtesy of Aerotech]

By Bryan Germann and Travis Schneider, Aerotech

Vascular interventional devices are a modern marvel, helping to combat some of the most challenging medical conditions. Strokes, blocked arteries and failed heart valves are no longer death sentences, thanks in no small part to these products.

To deliver broad access to these mission-critical devices without sacrificing quality, special attention must be paid to their manufacturing processes. Manufacturers started using lasers to cut these parts as early as the 1990s. As laser processing advanced — cutting, welding, ablation, drilling, marking — so did those manufacturing processes.

Here are some of the primary reasons …

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