Metal injection molding offers a sustainable, scalable solution for medical device manufacturing

By Advanced Powder Products

Medical device manufacturing is making a comeback with the return of non-essential and elective procedures; 2022 is poised to be a defining time in industry innovations, rising to contemporary supply challenges and introducing new cutting-edge products. To successfully do so, OEMs in life science industries are turning towards new technologies to thrive — including going all-in on metal injection molding (MIM).

MIM is becoming a mass-adopted process in the medical device manufacturing world. A more cost-effective and scalable alternative to traditional CNC machining and manufacturing methods, MIM can manufacture geometries otherwise impossible to produce while delivering on quality. OEMs can reap long-term savings throughout the production process and meet R&D and NPI’s most demanding timelines.

Whether OEMs are considering a switch for their existing product lines or want to bring a new product to market, MIM solv…

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