UBS: Generative AI is no silver bullet for drug discovery

[Image courtesy of Scanrail/Adobe Stock]

Imagine a world where the process of developing life-saving drugs is as streamlined as a modern assembly line.

In such a reality, generative AI in drug discovery might churn out promising compounds with similar efficiency and precision as a factory robot assembling a car. Moreover, such technology could chip away at the steep cost and lengthy timelines typically associated with drug development, which can cost north of $2 billion and take more than a decade.

However, such a vision may be more hype than reality, according to a new UBS report. While it is true that AI is carving out a niche in life sciences, a recent Q-Series report from UBS titled “Will Generative AI deliver a generational transformation?” reaches mostly muted conclusions about the potential of generative AI in drug development. In essence, the investment bank projects that generative AI…

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