Private equity-backed adhesion group buys another brand

Adherex Group today announced its acquisition of Stretchtape, a supplier of converted polyethylene and polypropylene films and custom printing solutions for biaxially oriented polypropylene packaging films.

Private equity firm Akoya Capital launched Adherex Group in March with the brands Primetac (purchased in 2019), Concord, Cutting Edge and SpecBond. The group now serves original equipment manufacturers the medical, aerospace, transportation, electronics, industrial and appliance industries.

“This acquisition demonstrates our commitment to being a growth catalyst for today’s packaging distributors,” Adherex Group CEO Bob Marquette said in a news release announcing the Stretchtape purchase. “The integration of Stretchtape gives distributors wider and quicker access to expansive and innovative film converting and printing capabilities, and decades of expertise across markets and applications.”

Before joining Akoya Capital in 2021 and becoming CEO o…

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